African Prayer Network {APN} is an inter-denominational Christian body that is committed to praying and interceding for Africa and her inhabitants. African prayer network is a prayer in Africa for Africa.
    We can’t wait for Americans or Europeans to raise intercessors and pray for us. They have done us much good by bringing to us the true gospel and have shown us the way to serve the only and one true God whose name is Jehovah. They have done well.
    We are Africans, we live in Africa, we know Africa, and we know our problems and their sources, so we are the best people to pray for ourselves {Africa}.
    A prayer in Africa for Africa
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  • AFRICA Africa is the second largest continent situated south of Europe with an area of 11,500,000 square mile. Africa is a rich and fertile continent that is mostly inhabited by blacks or Negros. Africa is blessed with great men and women of God who carry great anointing of the Holy Ghost on their heads. This great continent has also produced great men and women who have made great impact in this globe. With all the greatness of Africa, including highly anointed men and women of God, great politicians, Business men and women, great musicians, elites, sports men and women and what have you, Africa is suffering. BRIDGE THE GAP Who shall stand in the gap for Africa? Where are the intercessors of mother Africa? Who will take Africa problems to God? God is looking for men who will stand in the gap so that Africa will be saved. And I sought for a man among them {intercessors for Africa} that would make a hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land {Africa}, that I should not destroy it, but I found none. Therefore have I poured out mine indignation upon them [problems in Africa]. I have consumed them with the fire of my wrath; their own way {evil and atrocities committed by Africans} have I recompensed upon their heads, said the Lord God. Ezek 22:30-31 It is not yet late to save Africa. We can do it through our prayers, yes it is possible, and we can.
  • NEW AFRICA A new Africa is on the way. It will be good and a blessing to you if you join the intercessors to usher her in. If God used great men and women of prayers like Daniel, Esther, Paul, Moses, Elijah, Elisha, Joshua, the Apostles, etc, He will use you also only if you will. I see Africa sending out great missionaries to all parts of the world. The continent that is in great darkness has seen great light. The last has become the first. AFRICAN PRAYER NETWORK OUR AIMS – 1. To become the greatest and largest intercessors for Africa. 2. To pray for African unity and peace. 3. To pray for our Leaders, Politicians etc for God’s wisdom and good Leadership and Governance. 4. To deliver Africa from the power of darkness and spiritual attacks. 5. To pray and stop political unrest, religious intolerance, tribal and ethnic disturbances, war, crisis, killing, kidnapping, wickedness, tribalism, ritual killings, idol worship, drug abuse, and other forms of evil going on in Africa. 6. To pray for unconditional love to exist among Africans. 7. To pray for the healing of the land of Africa, healing of sick persons, orphanages, old people’s homes etc. 8. To pray for the prosperity of Africa, Economy of nation, business men and women, etc. 9. To pray for countries at war, against crisis, attacks etc. 10. To pray against all weapons of the enemies of Africa, to render them powerless. 11. To pray against natural and spiritual disaster like Volcanic eruptions, Tornadoes, Deadly Thunders and Lightening, Hurricane, Earthquakes, Land-slides, Famine, Epidemic, HIV & AIDS, untimely deaths, etc. 12. To pray for the forgiveness of the sins of Africans. 13. To nullify and brake all the curses, covenants and initiations upon Africa 14. To pray for the general well being of Africans. 15. For Africa to be the continent after God’s heart. 16. To network all the gospel ministers in Africa.

Are you oppressed by the power of darkness?do you need a solution to those problems, sickness,spiritual attack etc? Then be present @ this  powerful daily all night prayers.Anything is possible in Christ Jesus through this midnight prayers. Come and join this crowd of overcomers  at this all night prayers and your life will never remain the same again in Jesus name.

THEME: The Power of Midnight Prayer

VENUE:Perfect will of God mission,Off Close 1 gate, Satellite Town via Navy town road, Alakija Bus stop,Badagry Express way, Lagos, Nigeria.

TIME:12:00 midnight-3:00am

MINISTERING: Apostle Mike & Gift Ofoegbu & other Great men & women of God.


This is a Holy ghost specially packaged deliverance program for singles who find it difficult to get married.Are you finding it difficult to get married?This program is for you.Every unmarried will get married by the help of the Holy spirit in this program.Marriage is your divine right (Heb.13:4)
Venue:Perfect will of God mission,off close 1 gate,Satellite town,Lagos ,Nigeria.
Date:28th-30th March,2014. Time: 5pm daily
Ministering: Apostle Mike $ Gift Ofoegbu

This is a 3 days program of fruitfulness for women who are in need of miracle baby or do u desire to have twins,triplets etc . No matter the sex of the baby you desire , God is waiting for you with your miracle Baby. God says in the book of Deut.7:14b “none shall be barren among you.come and claim your right.Its your turn and your time to rejoice with your Baby!
Venue: Perfect will of God mission, off close 1 gate , Satellite town, Lagos, Nigeria.
Date:21st-23rd March,2014. Time:5pm daily
Ministering: Apostle Mike $ Gift Ofoegbu

Bethesda is an annual programme which comes up in the month of  March. It is the place of uncommon Miracle.Do you want healing, Breakthrough,Favour,Deliverance,Miracles etc.Come and get all.



DATE:4th-10th MARCH


VENUE:PERFECT WILL OF GOD MISSION,Alakija Bus stop,via Navy GATE, Off Close1 Gate,Satellite Town,Lagos


1. Every chapter is committed to praying for Africa once every month. Each chapter is free to choose their days and time for prayers, from Monday to Sunday, morning, evening or vigil {all night}.

2. There is a combined prayer meeting once or twice yearly.

3. There is a combined national prayer and fasting for 7 days once yearly.

4. There is an international gathering of all members of A.P.N yearly in the country chosen by the international directors. This meeting can be held once or twice yearly by God’s grace.

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